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"Beautifully shot, with startling access to the family, this is documentary craft of the first order. Observational rigor mixes with creative treatment of the nonfiction format to produce the sort of film that I believe to be the future of the form. Sound editing is also exceptional. This is powerful stuff. Really beautifully shot and intimate. Like the best of the "small" docs, this film brings you so close to these peoples lives it is as if you're hugging them, feeling the knots of stress in their bodies and inhaling the scents of their bodies as if a catalogue of their successes and failures. This is the poetry of real life and the sort of film that eschews simple lecturing (about globalization, third world economies, spousal abuse) in favor of the far stronger delivery of a story well told."

David Wilson, Director of True/False Film Festival, USA

Please get in touch with the directors Mikael Wiström or Alberto Herskovits if you have any comments or questions.

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”FAMILIA is both art and reality... Moving like a fairy tail and touching like a  greek drama. With all it’s realism it constitutes what real art is all about: after watching this film you are a different person.

Tobias W Lindquist, Film.nu

”Real good documentaries have the capacity to transport the viewer to new places in a way fiction seldom achieves.

Mattias Oscarsson, Sydsvenskan

Familia won the prestigous documentary award at the Gothenborg International Film Festival 2010. Well deserved!

Astrid Söderberg Widding, SvD

".. a really touching family story told with a directness and authenticity that gets under your skin...

TT - Swedish news agency

”… a masterpiece….”

"This is about as smart and air-tight as narrative verite filmmaking gets... It's a

compact epic that speaks for itself. I will say that for its craft and verisimilitude,

it could be pre-sold as a narrative film and I don't think anyone would blink.

That's a compliment."

Vadim Rizov , Slant Magazine, USA

A poignant, universally accessible documentary.

Alissa Simon, Variety, USA

"This is a huge story wrapped around surprising characters and finely wrought details. This film has it all: The composition of the frame is delicious. The sound design is elegant and surprising. And the editing tells this story so economically it takes your breath away. This is true cinema where dramatic problems are solved with evocative images and sound. The directors also were the crew. Alberto Herskovits was behind the camera. Mikael Wistrom recorded and designed the sound and they both share the editing credit. With FAMILIA, they have proven they are masters of it all."

Jury verdict, DOXA Film Festival, Vancouver

"The documentary, which shifts between Spain and Peru, feels so real that the people under its microscope will seem as familiar as your next-door neighbors."

Stephen Holden , New York Times, USA

”…one of the strongest family portraits ever made on film.”

Emma Engström, Göteborgsposten

This astonishing doc...is highly affecting.

Gary M. Kramer, Film International

Watch Familia nowhttp://www.realeyz.tv/en/mikael-wistrom--alberto-herskovits-familia_cont4426.html